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9658Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Simons-Nasiatka-Czarnecki-Yaple-Flanders-Smith

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  • Robert Simons
    Aug 31, 2006
      Hi Kate!!
      To start off with, I have been researching Simons and Nasiatka lately but I am getting some help from 2 other Yahoo groups. I could use some help researching my mom's side, Smiths and Flanders. My grandma, Elinor K. Smith was born in Piermont, N.H. in 1923 to Harry Smith and Florence Flanders. My mom believes that Harry Smith was adopted but that is all we know about him. Florence Flanders' prarents were John Chase Flanders and Etta Ford. I have Etta Ford's birth and death dates. She was born abt 1883 in Orford, NH and died in 1957. I have found some genealogy on John Chase Flanders but it doesn't show his daughter's birth and death dates or where she grew up.
      The Yaple family has published a family history book that I have not been able to look at yet but my mom says that it needs some serious updating. There is also a Flanders history book published in 1930 that needs some updating also and again I have not been able to look at it. I live in Oklahoma and all my family history is in the New England and New York areas.
      It would be a good start on my mom's side if you can find any information especially on Harry Smith's family.
      Thanks for your help.
      Randy Simons
      Elk City, OK
      kate <chrismomxyz@...> wrote: Hi Randy-

      Do you any specific folks you were searching for, with dates and possibly counties where they might have lived? I'm happy to help if I know where to start. :) What resources have you used to do your research?


      uft36 <uft36@...> wrote: Hi, Eveyone!!
      I am new to this group and I am researching my family in the New
      England and New york areas. My father's side is Lituanian-Polish and
      my mom's side is Dutch-French-English. Both sides of my family settled
      in Western Massachusetts area. I am looking for any information on
      these names: Simons, Nasiatka, Czarnecki on my dad's side and Yaple,
      Flanders, Smith's on my mom's side. I have found some information on
      Yaple and Flanders but I am having some trouble with my dad's side.
      Simons was Americanized from possibly Simonovitch and is Lithuanian
      and Nasiatka and Czarnecki is Polish. Every Yaple is related and I
      believe all the Flanders are also related. The Smith side is from New
      Hampshire and the Yaple side is from New York. I am having a hard time
      finding any information on Lithuanians and Polish families in Western
      Mass and Northern Conn. These are large groups in Western Mass so I am
      surprised that there is not much more information on them that I could
      Anyway, if any one can help me out I would appreciate it.
      Randy Simons
      Elk City, Ok

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