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  • Jon P Czarowitz
    Jul 10, 2006
      I write this not as an expert, but just to add to the possible
      confusion. Some aras at that time were changing their politicians and
      political outlook. If your family held a office and was booted out,
      they may have been fleeing for their lives and therefore wanted the
      younger members to survive sending them to the coast while they went
      elsewhere. Their income was no longer that of one in office and the
      story may well have been true.
      I have a family line that scattered across Europe and beyond because
      of this change of office. They and all relatives not agreeing with
      the "office holders" were run out of town or killed, Jewish or not.
      These lines show up regularly in the area around Poland and her
      borders, but it was true all over in those days as Germany and
      supporters expanded. The line I speak of fled both east and west.

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      >Hello Sandi,
      >What you have written about your GGF really surprises
      >me! As a Flemish speaker he would have lived not
      >further than 36 miles from Antwerp, and by the late
      >19th Century there would have been fast and frequent
      >train service to Antwerp from all parts of Belgium.
      >Also, byt that time he would have had a bicycle like
      >most Belgians and Dutch. Finally, I think that your
      >GGF was laying it on with a trowel a bit; Flanders has
      >always been the wealthiest part of Belgium, although
      >by the 1890s Wallonia had caught up because of its
      >heavy industry. Still, there would probably have been
      >less pocerty in Flanders or Holland, for example. than
      >even in other parts of Western Europe. If your
      >ancestor left in such haste and with so little money
      >then I think there was another reason for this and not
      >family poverty.
      >Hope this helps.
      >Ronin Belgium
      >> Great Grandpa was Flemish. According to the 1930
      >> Census, he spoke
      >> Dutch - so that was what I had to go by.
      >> I find I am learning somethng new all the time!
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