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9401Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Newbie with questions

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  • Ron Lahav
    Jul 6, 2006
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      Hello Sandi,

      It sounds as if he had been a true Fleming. The
      Flemish people were essentially Dutch Roman Catholics,
      and since the population of The Netherlands in 1830
      (as today) was finely balanced between Portestants and
      Catholics, the Dutch did not want to tip the
      demographic balance in favor of the Catholics, who at
      least until after WWI were second class citizens
      there. The establishment of a state which would be
      overwhelmingly Catholic in population, even if the two
      main ethnic groups loathed each other, seemed to be a
      way to solve the problem of the Dutch-speaking
      Catholics, at least insofar as the Dutch Royal Family
      was concerned.

      Ron in Geordieland

      --- Sandi <lavenderrott@...> wrote:

      > G. Grandpa was VERY Catholic, my Aunt tells me. He
      > married a
      > Protestant woman (my G. Grandma) but wouldn't
      > associate with her
      > family and while he agreed to let her raise the
      > children Protestant -
      > he had her baptised as a Catholic when she was in a
      > diabetic coma
      > and as soon as she died, he pulled the kids out of
      > public school and
      > enrolled them into Catholic school. Needless to say
      > - his inlaws
      > were furious.

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