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9398Queen's Birthday(s)

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  • Dee
    Jul 5, 2006
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      Thanks for the info, Ron. I couldn't see where there
      could have been THREE, lol.


      --- Ron wrote:

      Her {Elizabeth II} real birthday, which falls in
      April; her official birthady, which falls in June and
      is celebrated by the Trooping of the Colour; and her
      third birthday, which is a one-off since she turned 80
      this year, which was celebrated at Buck House
      (Buckingham Palace) a fortnight ago when 2000 children
      agedfrom 6 to 14 were invited to a huge party in the
      Palace Gardens, with a Pantomime (something you don';t
      have in the States) featuring characters from British
      children's literature iver the cenbturies, plAyed by
      popular British tv personalities. Next year she will
      revert to only her actual birthday and her official birthday.
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