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9382Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Newbie with questions

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  • Ron Lahav
    Jul 4 8:01 AM
      Hello Sandi,

      Contrary to popular belief, while there is indeed a
      country called Belgium there are no such people as
      Belgians. The population is about equally divided
      between the Flemish people, who speak a form of Dutch
      (one of my Dutch friedns refers to Flemish as
      Yorkshire Dutch) and the Walloons/Wallons, who speak
      French, but a dialect which differes somewhat from
      that spoken in Metropolitan France. There is a small
      german population, and since 1970 there has been
      increasingly large numbers of Africans from the former
      Belgian colonies and also Muslims who have been
      admitted as asylum-seekers. The thing to remember is
      that for the 176 years that the flemish and Wallons
      have lived within the same national borders they have
      hated one another with a deep and unyielding passion.
      The only thing which holds the country together is the
      Royal Family, and they are ethnic Germans.

      In order to find out more about your ancestor you
      first have to identify his ethnic heritage, You should
      be able to get this from his Certificate of
      Naturalisation. Once you have that then we can proceed

      Hope this helps.

      Ron in Geordieland
      --- Sandi <lavenderrott@...> wrote:

      > Hi! I am new to the group and new to Geneology.
      > It all started with a search to discover what my
      > Grandfather's
      > military medals represent. (I know most of them but
      > one is a unit
      > insignia and I don't know which unit.) All I had
      > was the medals and
      > Grandpa's name.
      > Well, that was yesterday.
      > Today I have enough information on Grandpa to send
      > to the DOD and
      > get his military records but in getting the
      > information I ended up
      > with more questions.
      > My Great Grandfather immigrated from Belgium around
      > 1890 and
      > apparently changed his last name. So I am stuck!
      > Of course, I e-mailed the appropriate family members
      > who might have
      > mre information (who are enjoyng the holiday weekend
      > away from their
      > computers apparently)in hopes of finding out more.
      > I have a feeling
      > I am still going to be stuck as I don't speak Dutch.
      > I am open for any and all suggestions as to how to
      > find out more
      > about my Belgium heritage!

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