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8936cousins and genealogy programs (was Re: Judy---- CARR Was Re: WW I Draft Registrations)

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  • Judi Hardin
    Apr 11, 2006
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      > To the others researching double or triple cousins, GOOD
      > LUCK! I too have that problem. Discovered mine by accident
      > when the middle of cousins line had the surname of my other
      > line. So don't overlook middle names as a clue to lost or
      > stuck lines. 200 cousins plus found that way.
      > They were DEEP in family research and already had that many
      > names, mostly living.
      > Jon P Czarowitz

      That's how I'm trying to find a 3xg-grandmother. Her oldest son was John
      Hales Brown; her youngest was Colville Brown. I have some info indicating
      her name was Harriett Coleman, but I'm guessing the surname was really
      Colville, and that her mother's maiden name was Hales, so I'm trying to find
      a Colville-Hales marriage in Virginia. I'm thinking it may be James
      Colville, since the other boys in the family have Brown family names, and
      possibly Sarah Hales, since one daughter is named after the father's
      grandmother and the other is named after Harriet herself. Absolutely
      completely guesswork, and probably hard to find and prove, since the time
      frame is mid-18th century (based on dates for the Brown family), and
      Virginia was a pretty big place back then, but it gives me something to work

      I've been using AFT forever, but developed a glitch last month--probably
      corrupted data, since I reloaded the AFT program and am still having the
      problem, even after running check/repair numerous times. I just got Family
      Tree Maker from Ancestry, and am hoping that if I load the data as a gedcom,
      it might load in as data with mistakes in it, but fixable mistakes.
      Otherwise I'll have to print out all the family reports and re-enter 2400
      people by hand. The prospect does not thrill me.

      Judi Hardin

      The misuse of language induces evil of the soul - Socrates
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