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  • Judy Ardine
    Oct 31, 2005
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      Hi Tina,

      I'm in somewhat the same situation as you are. I'm not using Legacy tho.
      I'm using FTM and PAF. What I've come up with the sources is to list the
      Source as for instance: Delaware cnty, PA Deed, then I use Notes to be more
      specific with the Deed identification number and the transcription or
      abstract of it. If it is secondary information, for instance, from a book,
      I put the book's ID in the source, i.e. title, author, etc. BUT I put the
      page number, and the quote in the Notes section. In other words, my Source
      information points the way but the Notes have the actual information. When
      I share my gedcom file the recipients are able to determine which sources
      are primary and which are secondary but they have to go to the source
      itself to glean the actual information. The good researchers will do just
      that and thus they are able to verify my work or disprove any mistakes I've
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