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8301Re: Need help with Immigration

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  • bigred1442
    Sep 24, 2005
      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, barbara erickson
      <berickson49@y...> wrote:
      > Hello, My great-grandfather was said to have worked on one of the
      ships coming to the US as a cabin boy. He went to town and when he
      came back it was gone. He stayed in the US. I have information that
      he became a citizen. I can't find him in the Ellie Island records.
      Now what do I do. Here is the information I do have.
      > Name: Albert Fisher or Tyser ( Immigrant workers didn't understand
      him so they gave him the last name of Fisher.
      > Born June 1,1882 Pilsen, Austria or Hradek, Czechoslovakia ( War
      changed borders)
      > Arrived in US: June 1903
      > Became citizen: July 5, 1921
      > Other brothers came over using the tyser name and I have looked
      and looked.
      > Thanks for your help, Barb
      Hi, Barb,
      I wish I could be of help, but I'm having the same problem.
      Although I've found my grandfather at Ellis Island in 1903,
      I'm not finding my grandmother and her kids, [who I know arrived
      that same year]. I have good reason to believe that grandfather
      Soukup worked in the Pa. coal mines and I'm thinking the family
      followed him, perhaps arriving in Philidelphia or Baltimore.
      The family was also supposed to be from the area around Pilsen.
      I'll post my findings when, [by some miracle], I find them.
      Good luck to us both!
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