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  • melissa r. green
    Jun 20 4:42 PM
      Here is a little more info that I gathered.
      Grady knight is the son of Abrum Knight.
      Grady grew up in henry county alabama.
      He was born june 2, 1920 died august 1991.
      Willymay walker was born in september 1925.
      Possibly in henry county alabama, or somewhere in florida.
      Her father was john walker.
      Grady and willymay have 10 children.

      Gracybell callans was born in july possibly 1936 .

      In henry county alabama.
      Mathis L. green was born in december of 1937.
      Mathis and grace married 1945.
      They both are living in dothan alabama.
      That is all I have now.
      Not sure where to go from here.
      Just to varify these things.
      As well as compile a history for my parents and my grand parents.
      I will check out the sites that someone sent too me from this list.
      Thanks again for helping me get this process started.
      Melissa R. Green
      The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.The superior teacher
      demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

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