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8040William Pinckney

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  • dreakdmrf
    Jun 1 6:38 PM

      We am looking for infomation on William Pinckney. William was
      born 1-2-1814 (give or take a few years)in Westchester County N.Y.
      He married Sarah Palmer of Cairo, N.Y. At some point they moved to
      Watervliet N.Y. and both passed away there. They had one son Elmer E
      born 7-7-1862 Albany N.Y. Elmer was married to Meria(h) Elizabeth
      Cramp abt 1881. Meria(h) died 5-1-1892, Elmer then married twice
      more, Elizabeth Owens, and Elizabeth Seeney as far as we know this
      all took place in Watervliet N.Y. That is all the info we have and
      would appreciate any info anyone can provide, parents, siblings,
      anything. My husband and I have hit a big brick wall with these
      people and unfortunitley there is no one to ask.

      We are also looking for infomation on John and Rachel Roe. John
      was born in Westchester County N.Y. 9-15-1815 (give or take).John
      married Rachel Ann Gilyea(sp) 7-5-1840. Rachel was born in Singsing
      Village now known as Ossining N.Y.7-10-1822. John and Rachel had
      nine children that we know of, Edward, Eliza, Mary, James, Sally
      Ann, Charlotte, John, Louis (Lewis) and Benjamin. The family lived
      in West Troy but both passed away in Watervliet, N.Y. Again we have
      no one to ask for any information and are hoping someone out there
      may be able to help us put some of the missing peices together.
      Thank you in advance for any information you may be able to provide
      as we don't know any more then what is here. We would love any bits
      or pieces that could help us.

      Thank you,
      Beth & Don