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7953Writing a family history book

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  • lostdaisy04012000
    May 2, 2005
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      I'm trying to get my information organized to write up a family
      history book. I have a wide variety of information and I've come to
      the conclusion that it will never be finished as pieces of the
      puzzle will slowly trickle in for years to come. However, people
      keep asking for copies, so I do need to think about putting it into
      some kind of format. Does anyone have ideas they can share about:
      1) style or theme of book
      2) what to include and what to omit
      3) samples of disclaimers (there always be people that will
      4) dedications (something generic, I'll be adding a little
      something for my kids)
      5) how far should these branches reach (I have lots of
      information/stories pertaining to people who've married into our
      6) anything interesting that I haven't thought of adding (someone
      mentioned I should add pictures of family heirlooms that have been
      passed down)

      If I can get this organized to have it printed:
      1) What about living people's information that I have been given,
      but not by them?
      2) Is there a certain size of book that would be better?
      3) Is it tacky to give out a PDF format saved onto a disc rather
      than take the expense to have it bound on paper?
      4) Do I need to worry about copyright laws when I've been given
      photos to copy? What if they are not the original, but a copy of
      someone's copy?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think!
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