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  • Tammy Jernigan
    Nov 30, 2004
      Hi Group, I am a descendent of-Captain Robert messer of haywood Co. N.C.
      I have a lot of info on the messers of
      Haywood Co.
      -Jeffery Graham of Bumcomb Co.N.C.(1784)
      He was married to Fanny Eastridge. I
      lots of info on these Grahams.
      -Robert Gilliland of Bumcomb Co. N.C.
      He was born in 1866 and married Emaline
      Druscilla Graham. His father was Allen
      Gilliland, but thats all i got no dates,
      only that they resided in Bumcomb Co.
      -Floyd Anderson McCall of Rayburn Co.
      in Georgia.He was born june 23,1908 and
      May 3,1984. He married Vennie Lou
      Martin. His father and mother was
      William McCall and Jane Talley and
      that is all I have on him.
      -Barry Martin of Oconee Co. S.C. He was
      married to Sally Leroy. Their daughter
      Vennie Lou married Flod Anderson
      McCall. She was born Oct. 20,1912 and
      died Dec.16,1978. Thats all i have
      on that part of my family.
      If anyone needs info or has info please E-mail me.
      Thank you
      Tammy Jernigan