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7367Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Stuck

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  • marci piers
    May 20, 2004
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      Hello stuck,
      Have you tried the deed records? sometimes they will list where he was from. You could also try to find a link to other people in that area that are related and you can also do this through deeds and wills and probate records. I have found after searching for about 5 years for one person that he had received land from a relative and then I looked at the relatives deeds and found where he was from and then I searched that area and I found what I think is his brother and parents. You should look very closely at the people that he lives near in the census and see if anyone moves with him. In those days not alot of people could read or write and had someone do it for them. My maiden name is Pierce and my great-grandfather's name on many documents comes up as Piers or Pierse so you need to check to see the like names . I always do a block census when I am researching a person to see who is around him. I had a real hard time finding anyone from just the census until I found the deeds and
      wills. I then could link people that before I would never have guessed were related. If you need any help I do go to the SLC gen. lib once a month and I can do a couple of look-ups for you as long as you get the numbers and what I am looking for. Hope this helps!

      Victoria <vjohnson@...> wrote:
      I am new to this list and have been doing genealogy off and on for
      about 4 years. Not much I realize, I have a good start but need some
      advice from those of you who have been at this a while.

      I have found my ancestor William Fernimen, marries in 1810 in Ohio,
      Co. KY, moves to White Co. IL.. buys land in 1816 and eventually dies
      in 1830. I have tried in vain to find his origins but can't find a
      trace of him. I have some census data for 1810 (KY) with names that
      could be him ... but he was newly married and these would probably be
      parents?? I have realized that when you have a family that is
      illiterate they leave very little in the way of a trail. Williams son
      Calven states in the 1880 census that his father was born in KY ..
      that is the only lead I have. Does anybody have any ideas for me to

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