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7052Hi I'm New Here

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  • somcallme001
    Nov 29, 2003
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      I'm new here at genealogyresearchclub. I want to know more about my
      family history, but my parents and grandparents alike can only go as
      far as the early 1900s. Do any of you know where I can find the
      genealogy of Asian, Spanish, and Portugese ethnic groups? Also, I'm
      looking specifically for the genealogy of my last name, which is
      Julian. I have no idea how my family, particularly my father's side,
      got the surname Julian. It doesn't seem likely for a family of
      Filipino, Spanish and Portugese descent to get a name like that.
      I've tried many genealogy sites, but I just cannot find a match.
      P.S. I'm kind of a begginer at researching family history.
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