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4840Happy New Year!

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  • illya_IT
    Jan 1, 2001
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      Best Wishes for a FANTASTIC 2001!<br><br>Stop by
      and check out the NEW Find Anything! search engine at
      Genealogy Today.<br> <br> Find Anything!<br>
      <a href=http://www.genealogytoday.com/roots/web.html target=new>http://www.genealogytoday.com/roots/web.html</a><br> <br>Enjoy,<br> <br>Illya D'Addezio<br>New
      Providence, NJ<br> <br>Editor at:
      <a href=http://www.genealogytoday.com target=new>http://www.genealogytoday.com</a><br>e-mail: editor@...<br> <br>Personal web
      site: <a href=http://www.daddezio.com target=new>http://www.daddezio.com</a><br>e-mail:
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