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  • jennyblyth
    Nov 29 2:34 AM
      Hi there <br><br>I was looking for any one who
      might be able to help me with my <br>search for my
      BLYTH FAMILY.. <br><br><br>I have found out quite a bit
      of info about my family recently <br><br>here are
      the names see if any of these look familiar to anyone
      <br><br><br>1 William Blyth b1809-d 1871 Wagga Wagga M
      Christina <br>2 Walter Blyth m Emma <br>3 Hernyd
      MUskwellbrook 1938 M 1906 Lilly Garland b 1882 <br>4 Alexander
      1907 1975 M 1938 Endia 1909 1982 <br><br>I am not sure
      where they all come from but it these names look
      familar <br>e-mail me <br>jennyblyth@...
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