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4386Re: Birth records help needed

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  • wallace784
    Aug 31, 2000
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      United States and the area most of my realitives
      are from as far as I have learned is the US North
      East specifically New England area Rhode Island and
      surrounding states. The line I am tracing right now has my
      G-grandparents (maternal all the way back) were both born in the
      late 1800's 1890 & 1894 to be precise. I feel if I can
      get a hold of Birth records it will be the easiest
      way to go back to further back generations providing
      all the info on the documents is correct as it would
      also list the new borns parents giving me a name to
      trace. Also from what i have heard if the forms are the
      right type they will also give the age and place of
      birth of the parents and the mothers madien name. So it
      will be a wealth of information if I can obtain birth
      records. Any help would be much appriciated.<br><br>Dave
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