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3695Don't give up on your search!

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  • kathyskidsonly
    Apr 1, 2000
      There've been several postings that people don't
      know where to look for information and some are even
      ready to give up.<br><br>When I started my search using
      the internet I simply went into the search engines
      (AltaVista, etc.) and typed in "family history, genealogy,
      and the surname I was searching". You'd be surprised
      what this type of search can bring up! It will give
      you personal home pages, message boards, and many
      more ways of searching your heritage.<br><br>My
      all-time favourite is www.familysearch.org. But I've run
      out of luck in that site. Now it's time to start all
      over again by using the sites I started
      with!<br><br>Good luck to all. And don't give up - just take a
      break to think about
      things!<br><br>Kathy<br>Independent Sales Consultant<br>Kids Only Clothing Club
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