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2063Gakias, only 2 ever in the USA!!!!

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    Aug 31, 1999
      The two Gakias' were my Grandparents, they only
      raised one child, which was my Mother. Lets just say
      "Mom's gone", so she is no real source of information.
      If I could just figure out where to start I am sure
      I would not stop until I found some family. My
      Grandfather came to this county in this country from Greece
      in about 1948 +or- 5yrs. He settled down in
      Birmingham, Alabama. The only other thing about him was he
      owned and operated "Gary Hotel & Restraunt"and he had a
      brother(90%chance). So if anyone that takes the time to read big
      message and would like to give me some suggestions on
      where to start, you can feel confident that the
      information will be used.
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