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  • lenardb44
    Apr 14, 2014
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      Joy, my wife had the Ancestry.com DNA test done.
      It came back with a regional breakdown, i.e. 98% Europe, and also gives a list of
      potential relatives up to 4th to 6th cousin trees.
      Overall it does not seem to be extremely specific could help with general background
      One particular point of interest was that she had thought there was Native American
      only 2-3 generations or so back. According to the test, there is not Native American
      in her background.
      Lenard Briggs
      In a message dated 4/14/2014 4:29:13 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, joyweave@... writes:

      Alta Idelette Rice McNatt (Birth Name Susan Mayo) s-belle@...

      > Ancestry also has a DNA test you can take for $99. All you do is swab
      > your mouth send it in and they will tell you your complete bloodline.
      Can you tell me exactly what that means? I have done the MtDNA and
      Family Finder at FamilyTree DNA and there's nothing in the results that
      I would call a "complete bloodline." For me that implies linking me
      back to my grandparents and onward as if it could tell me their names.

      Do you mean the test that says what % Native American, Asian, etc.? If
      so, that's helpful for an adoptee or just to satisfy curiosity, but it
      won't really help you figure out who you relate to specifically.

      Joy Weaver


      "We are traveling in the footsteps of those who've gone before..."

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