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  • S-Belle
    Apr 13, 2014
      When you receive these emails. Definitely contact them back. But be cautious of what info you give them. Never give your phone number or address. That is until you are absolutely 100% sure they are legit. Ask them where they got your information and what they are looking for. Don't offer any info of yours. There are a ton of people out there that pretend to be related etc but they are actually trying to get your info to form your identity for illegal purposes.
      Are you signed up with Ancestry.com?  If not you should be. That is a wonderful place to find information.
      Also go to genweb.com. That is broken down into state and county. It has a wealth of information. I think rootsweb has combined with them but not sure. You can check them as well. Both address are www.genweb.com and www.rootsweb.com . They have the cemeteries listed. Names and locations. They have census records. They even have records that list who was in the home, how old they were, the occupation of each family member, the race of each, (as some that are listes were actually slaves) ETC,
      As I said before, I am an adoptee and when I found my name, I was able to connect with family via both sites above and especially with Ancestry.com.  Ancestry also has a DNA test you can take for $99. All you do is swab your mouth send it in and they will tell you your complete bloodline.  If you are native American, as I am, there is a DNA test now for that too. It is on another site http://www.dnatribes.com/library.html  It gives you a complete rundown of your entire Native American lineage. Their website is http://www.dnatribes.com/.  I can't wait to take the DNA test. I already know that I am Cherokee, Lumbee and Creek. What I want to know is if there is any other tribe in there as that would be my fathers tribe. I never will know who he was but I will know, as I suspect, that he is full blooded Native American.
      But back to what you are looking for. I would most definitely sign up with Ancestry.com. You can start by making your family tree. Oh yea. Ancestry also has access to the social security death index. That will give you a ton of info.
      I hope some of this helps. Let me know if I can be of further help.
      While I am at it. If anyone has information on the Mayo family out of Marianna Florida. That area includes the Jackson County and Washington Counties.
      Alta Idelette Rice McNatt   (Birth Name Susan Mayo)
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      I'm completely new to genealogy. I've found lists of people researching my names online, and I'm wondering what to do
      with these lists. When I contact these people, what do I ask for? Do I need to contact every one that's researching my names? To whom
      do I address specific questions, like when or where a certain person was born or married?

      Thank you!

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