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15663James F. Litzenberg, Malinta, Henry County, OH

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  • Dora
    Apr 8, 2013
      I am trying to find information about my Dad's birth name, date and location.

      The 1920 census shows him as "ward" of Abraham and Dora Litzenberg of Malinta, Henry County, Ohio. 1930 census he is listed as "son".

      Daughter-in-law of his step sister tells me from what little she remembers that my Dad was never really adopted by the Litzenberg's and they just made up a birth date for him - July 13, 1907.

      I have sent 3 letters and made 2 phone calls to the Probate Court judge of Henry County who says Ohio records are closed and that I have no legal right to request records. He did not answer my question just asking if a record even existed.

      On various records my Dad listed his birth place at Circleville, Columbus, and Chillicothe, Ohio. All 3 of these counties have told me they have no records in the name Litzenberg.

      Any suggestions as to how I might find information when I don't know his birth parents' names or birth location? The son of a childhood friend of my Dad's said that he thought his birth name was Cockrell or Cochrall. I think I remember my Dad thinking his birth name was Dawson or Dosson and he thought he was Irish.