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15630WEINMAN GROSCHTERN Chicago and Belvedere

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    Jan 23, 2013
      Hi all,
      Thank you for welcoming me to your group, I am looking for my great aunt
      who emigrated to the United States between 1900 and 1920 to Chicago.
      They went to Paris, France to Chicago by boat perhaps Cherbourg (France)
      My great aunt called GROSCHTERN Katie (Catherine)
      She was born in Odessa in Russia in 1886.
      She had six brothers and sisters (including my grandmother)
      She was the daughter of Leib GROSCHTERN and Helmann Sussel (Zissla)
      GROSCHTERN Leib was the son of Samuel and Rachel XXX.
      Katie GROSCHTERN the birth of his son Albert was recorded GROSTIER Katie
      She was the wife of Philip WEINMANN born in Russia
      His name was recorded as variants WAYMAN, WYMAN, WEINMAN, VEINMAN.
      WEINMANN Philip was a tailor

      On the 1920 Census Chicago
      In 1915 they lived at 2147 Potomac Avenue Chicago
      Philip Head WEINMAN 35 years
      Katie WEINMAN 34 years Wife
      Albert WEINMAN his 4 years (born in Chicago April 1, 1915 Reese
      WEINMAN Max (Max Benjamin) 2 years its

      On the 1940 Census Los Angeles / Belvedere
      They lived at 3622 Pommeroy street
      WAYMAN 55 Philip Head
      Katie WAYMAN 51 years Wife
      WAYMAN Albert's 25 years
      WAYMAN Alex's 19 years
      WAYMAN daughter Louise 13 years

      Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me find the family.
      Jacques Levine

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