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15626Genealogy Games Help

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  • tompatty@prodigy.net
    Jan 15, 2013
      Slightly skewed topic? I'm teaching some indexing to a small class of 12-15 year old girls and want to have some fun activites to go along with the class, genealogy related, of course! I've come up with some options, but hope this group might have better activites or suggestions to better my games. First, I want to have an old photo matching game to match the photo to the decade it was taken using photos where it is fairly obvious which decade they belong. Next, a old fashioned handwriting decipering challenge. Then a game involving headbands that go around the girls'foreheads with a name in it where the girls can ask yes/no questions to find out the name? Not totally certain about that game. And then having the girls do a rubbing off of a "tombtone". To end up I'll bring my laptop or two and log in to do some actual indexing work. Any suggestions or ideas? Sure could use some!!
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