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  • enola Callaway
    Aug 27, 2012
      Wow I you got them Aurora was my great grandmother that died having her 4th child they say she was really young early 20s thank you so much going to check out the tree now ,I don't have to much in fo to give my dad move my brothers an I to florida an didnt want to keep in touch with my mom's side oreven his side of the famly an he thinks doing a family tree is a waste of time cause they are no longer here but being a history nut I love looking an seeing what I can find I do know from my mom the Dionne Quints are her 2nd cousins an that according my great uncle who was trying to fill me in about our family tree before he passed that my Great grandfather Eugene Charles Dionne  was born in Canada on an Indian reservationwas the 14th out of 16 children he married Auroa an when she died in child birth he remarried a year later to the woman that my mom called nana but Eugene had 3 children Joseph Ann Dionne, Lillan   an Lucien an of course the child that
      died with his mom I know not much to go on Thank you so much for your help because by me as my dad says wasteing my time with the family tree i did find family I didn't know I had an am slowly reconnecting an also made the connection to some health issues my brother an I have 


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      Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: DIONNE help please

      You really didn't give much detail.
      What information are you looking for,
      and what information do you already have?

      1920 Lawrence Ward 6, Essex, Massachusetts
      Dionne, Eugene, head 30 married born Canada:Can:Can imm:1900?
      (), Aurora/27:Can:Can:Can, Joseph/3:MA:Can:Can, Lucile/8:MA:Can:Can
      NOTE: "Can" is specifically "Canada French"

      1900 Lawrence Ward 5, Essex, Massachusetts
      Dionne, Charles/49/b:Apr1851/Quarryman, Alphonse/45/b:Feb1855,
      - married 24 yrs, 10 children 7 living
      (), Emile/22/machinist, Ernest/20/spinner, Emma/19, George/16,
      (), Eugene/11/b:Jan1889, Alex/9, Willie/6:MA
      NOTE: all are born "Canada French" (imm:1891) except Willie

      U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
      Name: Eugene Dionne
      Address: 368 Market, Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts
      Birthplace: River de Laux, Canada
      Birth Date: 23 Jan 1889
      Insurance Agent, Wife, 1 child

      U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
      Name: Eugene Dionne
      Birth Date: 23 Jan 1889
      Birth Place: Caconna, Canada
      Residence: Essex, Massachusetts
      Relative: Mrs. Virginia Dionne, wife, 366 Market St.

      Massachusetts Death Index, 1970-2003
      Name: Joseph A Dionne
      Certificate: 044447
      Death Place: Lawrence
      Death Date: 23 Sep 1980
      Birth Place: Massachusetts
      Birth Date: 6 Mar 1917

      Trees found at Ancestry.com and Rootsweb.com :
      Joseph Ann DIONNE (1917-1980)
      Ancestry.com Public Member Tree (323 people in tree)
      RootsWeb.com WorldConnect Tree (17 people in tree)
      joseph ann dionne
      Birth 16 march, 1917 in Lawrence, , Massachusetts
      Death september, 1980 in Lawrence, , Massachusetts
      Married: theresa houle ( - 2008 )
      Father: eugene charles dionne
      Birth 22 january, 1889 in St George Canuna, , Saskatchewan, Canada
      Death 07 feb 1985 in port charlotte, charlotte, FL
      Married: aurora pelleran 1892 – 1924
      Father: Charles Eugene Dionne
      Birth 1851 in ,,,Canada
      Death 1933 in Lawrence,,Massachusetts
      Married: Alphonsine Langlois 1854 – 1914

      - Tom Knox

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "enola" <enola1692@...> wrote:
      > I was hoping someone had some info on the Dionne family I am trying to make a family tree for my grandsons but seeing my dad kept us away from my mom's side I know little info from that side of the family I know my grandfather Joseph Ann Dionne an his dad was Eugene Charles Dionne thier family came here by the Hudson river an from what my aunt said all dionne's are connect cause of the two that settled near the hudson in 1722 an they had two sons now I am trying to figure out which brother an how the crow an blackfoot indains ending up in the mix so if anyone knows anyting thanks in advance
      > Michelle

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