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15430RE: [Genealogy Research Club] Census Question

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  • Michele L. Epps
    Aug 22, 2012

      If you go to archive.org they have the 1870 census however it is only images
      and no transcriptions. Just search for 1870 census and you will get a list.
      Not as user friendly but you can't argue with free. You can even download
      them. Depending on where you are looking the 1870 census can be problematic.
      I have heard from several people that entire sections of communities were
      not enumerated and I know this to be a fact in Washington County VA. This
      has stymied my research many times. I have an Ancestry subscription and am
      happy to do look ups.


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      I have a question regarding the census. I know there is no 1890 census, but
      what about an 1870 census. I need info for someone from 1870 and didn't see
      one in FS.

      Also, is there a place where I can find the year and then search the census
      year individually. As in this case I found all that were available for
      finding except for 1870.

      I don't have a subscription to Ancestry and that is actually my favorite
      place for census searches, or I should say it use to be. I use to like the
      FS site for census too.

      I'm going to go back and search again but I was wondering about these


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