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15258Dutch Translators Needed Please

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  • Forrest Plumstead
    May 31, 2012
      Many years ago  Wilma J. Vande Berg of the  Greater Sioux County
      Genealogical Society sent me a series of newspaper articles from the
      De Volksvriend Dutch Language Newspaper of Orange City, Sioux Co.,
      Iowa. At that time I recruited three volunteers to translate them.
      They are  Anton Vedders, Eric Postma, Peter van Schaik whom I have
      lost track of. I took what they translated and published it online.

      Recently  I stumbled on some more articles which I had either had
      translated, not published, and lost the translations to or, never had
      translated. So once again I am seeking someone who can translate
      Dutch. Understand this is not modern Dutch but rather the old Dutch
      this makes translation a little more difficult. A lot of the articles
      are one sentence example Mrs L D Hobson went to see her sister
      yesterday, although a few are a little lengthy, describing Political
      or Civic meetings they had attended. These articles are from the mid
      1880s through the late 1890s.

      If I get more then 1 volunteer as I did last time I will split them up
      evenly. These articles concern my G-g-father L D Hobson Esq., whom I
      am now writing a book about. Any help would be appreciated.

      WB5HQO Forrest
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