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  • Lynette Fowlston
    Apr 9, 2012
      Yes what you sent is what I have, And it's like a dead end from there. And
      that's what I have on the family tree. I have been through the Ellis
      Island site, Through family search ,Ancestry as far as I can go without
      costing more money so I will leave this as a dead end for now.

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      > I don't know what other info to give you short of sending you
      > to the site I have my family tree on.

      That is PRECISELY the information that would be useful -
      because I presume that your family tree site gives the same information that
      you just summarized!

      I presume that you have these censuses -
      1900 Exeter, Fillmore, Nebraska - Henry Rayer
      1885 Exeter, Fillmore, Nebraska - William Royer
      1880 Exeter, Fillmore, Nebraska - William Rayer

      > Home in 1870: Logan, Dearborn, Indiana

      You also apparently have these 1870 censuses -

      1870 Rogers, Ford, Illinois (indexed as surname ROGERS)
      Royers, William/32:OH, Ann/35:Ire, John W/10:IN
      (), Andrew J/8:IN, James E/6:IN, Henry/2:IL, George C/4m:IL

      1870 Logan (P.O. Kelso), Dearborn, Indiana
      Reyer, William, 69, retired farmer, born Prussia
      (adjacent to household of)
      Reyer, Henry/37:Prussia, Mary/30:IN, Clara/11:IN, Edward/10:IN,
      (), Charles/8, Josephina/6, William/5, Adelbert/3, Robert/9m

      Going back one more census -

      1860 Logan, Dearborn, Indiana
      Rear, William/22:OH, Ann/27:Ire, John W/1m:IN
      (adjacent to household of)
      Rear, William/60:Prussia, Clarra/52:Hanover,
      (), Josephene/16:OH, Francis/11:OH

      Indiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941
      Name: Ann McNally
      Spouse Name: William Rayer
      Marriage Date: 17 Aug 1859 Dearborn County
      Source Title 1: Dearborn County Indiana
      Source Title 2: Marriages 1854 - 1869 Books 9 - 11
      Book: 9 - OS Page: 607

      And back one more census -
      1850 Kelso, Dearborn, Indiana
      Raw, William/50:Ger, Clara/42:Ger, Henry/17:Ger,
      (), William/12:OH, Sophira/8:OH, Josephena/5:OH, Frank F/1:OH
      NOTE: surname could also be read as RAIR
      NOTE: implied immigration date-range of 1833-1838

      - Tom Knox

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