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  • Bloodhound; Kermit
    Feb 5, 2012
      Okay - now I think I get it -
      something that you did not make clear previously -
      the ALBRECHT brothers *ARE* the BORCHERS brothers;
      or rather, step-brothers - -

      in short-form :
      August Albrecht married Rose Louise Ashenfelter ca.1868;
      August died 1874;
      Rose Louise Ashenfelter Albrecht married Richard C Borchers ca.1876;
      Rose Louise Ashenfelter Albrecht Borchers died 1888;
      Richard C Borchers married Anna Albrecht (his step-daughter) 1890.
      a regular soap opera! Complete with half-kin, step-kin,
      name-changes, and a marriage to a step-daughter.
      (Were there any adoptions as well?)

      And I had previously asked if you were confusing OTTO ALBRECHT
      with the name that you were requesting of OTTO BORCHERS -
      In this transcript of 1880 census,
      OTTO (born ALBRECHT) is shown with step-surname BORCHERS -

      1880 Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania
      Borchers, Richard/33:Brunswick:Brun:Brun, Rose/30:PA:PA:PA,
      (), Hannah/10, Idalaid/9, Nellie/8, Otto/7, Carl/6, [are ALBRECHT]
      (), Herbert/3, Frederick/3m/b:March [both BORCHERS]
      Kate Stitzer / 17 / servant
      NOTE: all children are labelled as born PA:PA:PA !!

      So - please correct me if I am wrong -
      Roland Borchers is the son of Richard C Borchers and Anna Albrecht;
      Otto Albrecht/Borchers is the son of August Albrecht & Rose Louise;
      Anna Albrecht is the daughter of August Albrecht & Rose Louise;
      since Otto and Anna are direct siblings,
      then Otto is Roland's uncle;
      and since Otto is Richard Borchers' stepson,
      then Otto is also Roland's step-brother!
      But more than just step-brothers, because they actually *do* share
      some blood (some DNA) through Anna Albrecht Borchers.


      1870 Philadelphia Ward 20 District 66, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      Albrecht, August/31:Prussia, Rose/24:PA, Annie E/10m:PA/b:Aug(1869)

      This could be the young August Albrecht (age 21) -
      1860 Philadelphia Ward 17, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      Albrecht, Herman/25:Germany, Georgiana/25:PA, [presumably married?]
      (), Otto/21:Ger, August/21:Ger,
      (), Antonio/3:PA, William/1:PA [presumably children of Herman?]
      Elisa Broadwater / 37:VA
      Jane Ovenhone / 12:PA

      And this could be his immigration -
      New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
      Name: August Albrecht
      Arrival Date: 8 Nov 1858
      Birth Year: abt 1839
      Age: 19
      Gender: Male
      Place of Origin: Apenrade
      Port of departure: Bremen, Germany
      Destination: Philadelphia
      Port of arrival: New York
      Port Arrival State: New York
      Port Arrival Country: United States
      Ship Name: New York
      line 73: Heinr(?) Albrecht 36(?) (place of origin) Philadelphia
      line 74: Maria " 18 (place of origin) ditto
      line 75: Otto " 19 (place of origin) Apenrade
      line 76: August " 19 (place of origin) ditto

      So - does August Albrecht have a twin brother Otto,
      or is Otto his cousin, or is there some other relationship?
      And is Herman another sibling (in the 1860 census)?
      And what about Heinrich/Henry?

      And this appears to be "Heinr & Maria" in 1860 -
      1860 Philadelphia Ward 10, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      Albrecht, Henry/38:Mecklenburg, Mary/20:Meck, Charles/5m:PA

      - Tom Knox

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "dawn" <hereslooking4@...> wrote:
      > This is info i have so far~~~
      > August Albrecht (born abt 1839 died Dec 9, 1874) married Rose Louise Ashenfelter (born abt 1846 died March 20, 1888) abt 1868.
      > They had the following children:
      > Anna Elizabeth born Aug 1869
      > Adelaide born abt 1871
      > Nellie born abt 1872
      > Otto born abt 1873
      > Carl born abt 1874
      > Rose Louise married Richard Carl Borchers (born Apr 1851) abt 1876.
      > Rose and Richard had the following children:
      > Herbert born abt 1877
      > Oliver Winfield born May 24, 1880 died May 27, 1880
      > Frederick W. born 1881 died August 15, 1905
      > Richard Carl Borchers married Anna Elizabeth Albrecht (his step daughter) August 9, 1890.
      > Richard and Anna had the following children:
      > Roland Winfield born Dec 1891 died 1956
      > Adrian born abt Sept 1894 died March 17, 1895
      > Harold Richard born January 8, 1899 died November 18, 1899
      > Victor Harry born abt Sept 1896 died January 12, 1897
      > Adrian born abt 1905
      > Info at Familysearch.org:
      > Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City Death Certificates, 1803-1915
      > New York Marriages 1686-1980
      > Census from Ancestry.com
      > 1870, 1900, 1910, and 1920 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      > 1880 Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania
      > Roland and Ethel Borchers buried Lake Memorial Park Monroe (Union Co.) North Carolina
      > The two women that came from Germany with johannes March and Nellie Albrecht were a maid and a governess
      > Martha March was Martha Elizabeth March (it IS spellled this way) her birth certificate and naturalizion papers are in photo section
      > THANK YOU for everyone's help!! I will look into joining PA geneology group...... thx!!!!
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