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15016Re: Katherine Eva Twombley Parsons.

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  • bob gillis
    Nov 11 5:53 AM
      Kelley Parsons-Gibson, selanadepp wrote on 15 Oct

      > I am looking for info on my g grandmother Katherine Eva Twombley
      > Parsons. She was born in 1875 (we think in MA), married my g
      > grandfather, William S. Parsons, in 1896 in Portsmouth, NH. The only
      > thing I can find is that her father's name was Thomas. Funny how I
      > have been able to go back centuries on some branches, but this one
      > is a road block so soon.

      What sources indicate that she was born c 1875 in MA to a Thomas and
      that her middle name was Eva? By searching for William S Parsons I find
      their marriage but her birthplace and parents are blank. Her name was
      Kate *L* Twombley and her age was 21 but as the marriage date was 14
      Mar she was more likely born in 1874.

      I searched for Kate L Twombley I find:

      Amos Kk. TWOMBLEY Self M Male W 58 NH Stone Mason
      NH NH
      Catharine TWOMBLEY Wife M Female W 55 MA Keeps
      House MA MA
      Hattie M. TWOMBLEY Dau S Female W 32 MA
      Seamstress NH MA
      Kate M. TWOMBLEY Dau S Female W 18 NH At Home
      NH MA
      Alice K. TWOMBLEY Dau S Female W 14 NH At
      School NH MA

      Census Place Ward 3, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire

      I do not find Kate's birth in FS but I do find Alice's. A broader search
      my find her birth. As her mother was born in MA, Kate may have been born
      there also.

      I think that his Kate is likely the one you are looking for rather than
      the below; same surname spelling and closely similar given name.

      In the 1880 Census I do not find a Katherine or Catherine
      Twombley/Twombly born 1875 ± 5 years but I do find an Eva Twombly:

      John L. TWOMBLY Self M M W 43 (1837) VT Carpenter
      VT VT
      Eliza A. TWOMBLY Wife M F W 44 (1836) VT Keeping
      House VT VT
      Eva A. TWOMBLY Dau S F W 4 VT VT VT
      Effey TWOMBLY Dau S Fe W 3 VT VT VT
      Census Place Barton, Orleans, Vermont

      bob gillis
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