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14991Gardner: The Surname

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  • gardnercorey89
    Sep 19, 2011
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      I am writing a book about the Gardner surname. It will include biographies of interesting people with the name, from knights to outlaws to sports stars. Here are some individuals I am looking for and I've seen news articles on them before, but sadly did not have a printer to copy these articles at the time.

      Hon. Alfred Gardner, the Famous Texas Indian Fighter, was mentioned in a news article in 1908 that gave a short bio on him.

      "Awful" Gardner, a notorious prize - fighter and Christian convert was mentioned in numerous newspapers in the 1850s, especially the New York Times.

      "Black Bart" Gardner was a stagecoach robber in the 1880's mentioned in a 1902 newspaper article titled, "Black Bart No. 2 in Durance".

      Can anyone find these articles?

      All the best,
      Corey Gardner