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14903Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: Bertha, wife of Hans Raymond HUGH (d.2004)

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  • lee taylor
    Jun 25, 2011
      I've never heard of U.S. Public Records.  How do I locate them?

      Lee Taylor-Elliott

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      Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: Bertha, wife of Hans Raymond HUGH (d.2004)
      To: genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2011, 9:13 AM


      > ... not sure if the work is already done.

      Even if the work is "already done", you need to verify it!


      U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1
      Hans Raymond Hugh, RR 1 POB 199, Coquille, OR, 97423 (1994)
      Bertha M Hugh, RR 1 POB 199, Coquille, OR, 97423 (1993)

      U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2
      Hans R Hugh 5 Jun 1913
      - 199 RR 1 Box, Coquille, OR, 97423
      Bertha Hugh 30 Dec 1912
      - Valley Mountain Mobile Home PA, Coquille, OR, 97423

      Social Security Death Index
      Name: Hans R. Hugh
      SSN: 535-16-1963 issued: Washington (Before 1951)
      Last Residence: 97467 Reedsport, Douglas, Oregon
      Born: 5 Jun 1913 - Died: 15 Oct 2004
      Name: Bertha M. Hugh
      SSN: 448-12-0900 issued: Oklahoma (Before 1951)
      Last Residence: 97423 Coquille, Coos, Oregon
      Born: 30 Dec 1907 - Died: 4 Apr 1999
      NOTE: I would believe the accuracy of this birthyear over the birthyear in the Public Records.

      Looking at Ancestry.com and RootsWeb.com and Google, I am not finding any other documents or "hard facts" - the occurrences are too recent (Privacy of Information limitations).

      As was mentioned, another place to look is the "secondary market" - research that other people have already done that might, or might not, be accurate. (WARNING: ALWAYS verify information! One wrong piece of information can collapse a conjectured family tree like a house of cards!)

      I didn't find anything useful at RootsWeb, but - - -

      Ancestry.com Public Member Tree (Owner: sadahlman)
      Hans R. Hugh
      - Birth 5 Jun 1913 in Washington
      - Death 15 Oct 2004 in Reedsport, Douglas, Oregon
      - (no parents listed)
      who was married to
      Bertha M. Fuller (Foster) (Hugh)
      - Birth 12-30-1907 in Oklahoma, USA
      - Death 4 Apr 1999 in Coquille, Coos, Oregon
      - (no parents listed)
      who was previously married to
      Delmar F. Foster
      - Birth 29 Jun 1905 in Arkansas, USA
      - Death 15 Jun 1966 in Monterey, California
      - (no parents listed)

      1930 Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma
      Foster, Delmar F/24:AR:AR:AR, Bertha M/23:OK:OK:OK,
      (), James D/4+2m, Arthur A/3+7m, Irene/6m

      Good luck and good hunting - and remember to VERIFY!

      - Tom Knox

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "R D" <caliboy1972@...> wrote:
      > I need help in tracking a few family names not sure if the work is already done.
      > Hans Raymond Hugh died in 2004 in oregon. Mostly I need help on his wifes side Bertha, her siblings and if line work has been done.
      > Thanks,
      > Rono

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