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14851Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: Proper Names/Nicknames - TO TIMOTHY

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  • Karen Minnemeyer
    Apr 15, 2011
      Thank you Timothy:

      All of the genealogy software programs I have used have had a field for alias or nickname.  The program I am currently using not only has a  field for "name used", but also has a field for "married name".  So all reports show the female as SURNAME, First, Middle, (Married) with their "name used" in the Events field.

      My concern was on photos.  I'm trying to label all of the old photos for future generations, primarily for my son.  I do not intentionally use Aunt, Uncle, etc. on any photo although some that I have were identified that way by my mother and grandmother.  That was actually helpful in that, even though I did not know the name, it sent me in the right direction for my research.  


      Karen E. Minnemeyer

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