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14776Re: New to Group and New to Genealogy

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  • tenmans38@aol.com
    Apr 6, 2011
      Rose one of the best ways to proceed is to collect what you do know
      and post it on all the free sites where everyone will look first. Remember
      there maybe someone else in a branch of your tree looking for you.
      Remember to list those surnames and go back as far as you can because
      it may link with someone else's information that you want.

      Something like this happened to me. I spent endless hours searching.
      I would find things now and then.One day I came across an 8 year old
      posting of someone trying to help someone else out with what they had.
      It did not help them but it did connect them to my Grandfathers brother.
      They were his direct descendants and they were my unknown living cousins.
      It was like discovering family that you never knew that you had.We shared
      pictures and info and they have even been in our town once.

      I also found 10 year old postings that seemed connected to my Mothers
      side of the family. Unfortunately the email address were dead and no way
      to reach those people(I think they were Verizon screen address).Still I
      that they are out there and that one day I may find them again.

      Remember the fun is in the hunt and the clues that are left behind for the
      hunter to find you. I mean unknown family of course. ;-)

      Mike Thompson

      Posted by: "Rose Lieberman"
      Hello. My name is Rose, I’m 63, I live in rural upstate New York.

      I’d like to research my roots but I don’t know how to begin, since
      the route doesn’t promise to be without potholes.

      My father, who I did not know, may have been adopted. The only information
      I have about him is his date and place of death.
      My mother’s side of things may be doable as far back as her grandmother
      and grandfather, but that’s about it.

      I’m currently trying to get those dates and places of birth/death from
      one of my few living relatives. With the exception of my father, who’s
      birth/place I do now know about, and my mother who was born in NJ, everyone
      else was born in southern Italy.

      So, in the event I can get these bits of info, how is it best to proceed?



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