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14737Re: Home Jails in Denmark?

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  • gaelic.charm@gmail.com
    Mar 21, 2011
      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "lobsterjesus" <lobsterjesus@...> wrote:

      > can anyone shed any light on why Denmark would allow private citizens keep prisoners in their homes? <


      My husband and I purchased an old historic home in Vermont in 1985. At one time, it had belonged to a local justice of the peace.

      Lo and behold, we learned that it had a small cell in the basement, used (apparently) as a temporary jail -- perhaps until someone being "on hold" temporarily could be transported to the nearest city that had a real jail -- not a prison.

      In the US, jail is for temporary custody, I believe.

      Barbara D. Brill
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