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14700Maybe a brickwall is starting to come apart

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  • r_c_boss
    Mar 12, 2011
      Have information on a long long time brickwall. Catherine (Reese) Flury. A gg-grandmother. I had run into the wall on her life before about 1865-1870. I had her obit, with the ingo provided by her youngest son, that had her moving from Pennsylvania at about age 16 or 17 (Shgw was born in 1845). She supposedly moved with her foster parents. They moved to Elkhart County Indiana. There she met and married Jacob Flury (Actual name was Jacob Fluri) in 1864. Jacob had emmigrated from Switzerland about 1855. The obit says they lived there untill their first child, Henry Philip, was born in 1865 and then they moved to Cass County Michigan.

      That was about all I had till the other day. I now have indications that she might have been with the Wallace and Sarah C Reese family in Harrison, Elkhart County, Indiana. I have a text extract from the 1860 census that shows a Catherine J Reese age 13. Looking at the agess would indicate that Sarah could not be the mother of Catherine. It would appear that both Wallace (38) and Sarah (27) were not the parents of the two oldest children, Mary 15 and Catherine 13. The library that provided the information went on to say that it appeared that Wallace was in St. Joseph County Indiana on the 1870 census. On the 1860 census it does state that Catherine was born in Pennsylvania.

      I would really like to get a copy of that 1860 census form. Is it possible that someone could get the page for me? I would like to trace this Wallace backwards and see if there might be a tie in to Catherine's possible actually family.

      My email is: r_c_boss@...

      thank you

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