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14563Re: How Can I Get Others Involved

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  • andyswarbs
    Dec 1 12:36 PM
      My starting point is to think about who "others" are, and to address each type in different ways.

      For instance my sisters are largely not on-line, yes they do have computers, but struggle with both computers and the web. However with one being an active Mormon that brings a great deal of strength to checking back and getting detailed records of our shared family history. So, with her particular interest, as a result I leave most of the formal genealogical research to her.

      My position has always been embracing the web and making the most use of it. So, when I have found I keyword such as a building or placename then I have used the web to research around that topic and build the picture. So for instance it turns out one of my ancestors was one of the early trustees of the Alexandra Palace in London. So I have emailed a few people interested in the "Ally Pally" and have gained some useful insights - but no brickwall breakers yet on that one.

      In embracing the web I signed up to http://FamilyEcho.com, which is a totally free (also zero advertising) way of doing formal genealogical trees. A great feature of this is if you find a living cousin or similar in your tree then you can invite them (by email address) into your tree and they can edit the tree, adding/updating their family history. This is a tremendous feature with which I have had some nice success. For instance one second cousin I have not met as yet had absolutely no family knowledge due to a serious rift in his parentage. Now he has access to everything and has updated his own area from whatever knowledge he has.

      I have taken this sharing with my own known family members in a number of other directions. For instance I run a private blog for family members where I tell the story of each ancestor with images from documents and photos and links to any websites.

      Also I have created a private map on GoogleMaps showing the places where people were born, died and lived and also any special places. This is proving a real hit since people can now travel on holiday somewhere and if they have the time they can visit, for instance war memorials to ancestors who died in the first or second world war...

      Finally I have invested in a terrabyte server that runs out of my broadband. So all of my scanned documents & photos are made available on the web to those interested, at no further cost.

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