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14548Re: How Can I Get Others Involved

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  • Judy Ardine
    Nov 18, 2010
      Along a similar line: how do you handle it when someone DOES contact you
      for information about the surname(s) you are researching? So many times
      I've responded w/a lot of information, sometimes don't even receive a thank
      you, and almost never do they share back w/what they have on their
      particular ancestor who fits in or w/anything from their line of that
      surname at all.

      How do you determine what and how much to send to whet their appetite AND
      entice them to share information on their link?

      Back "in the days" there were so many excellent free forums where one could
      post their information and find other folks' information and we were able
      to easily make connections and share information. But then ancestry began
      buying up all the "freebies" and using that information we shared and
      posted. Often credit was not given for the work researchers had done on
      their line but rather had their information "borrowed" and presented as if
      it was the work of the "borrower". It is easy to get discouraged and so not
      freely share information any more because so much of your work is gobbled
      up by others w/o their sharing their own.
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