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14490A Rather Strange Question

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  • Barb Chandler
    Nov 4, 2010
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      'I'm sure we all have some skeletons in our family closets that we'd
      rather not have unearthed, but the fact remains, no matter how painful
      or how much we want to disown them, they do have a way of resurfacing.
      So my question is this....regarding a family member that is
      incarcerated....should that info be included in the family tree? Maybe
      not all of the details such as the offense, etc. but the name and
      location of the facility, the DC number and such. I mean, when a person
      enters prison, they basically fall off the face of the earth until
      either their release or their death, and maybe years now the road, this
      info would help the next researcher. I just wanted your opinion on this
      delicate matter and how is the best way to handle the information.'

      Like you said in years to come the information may be of help to the next
      researcher. I'd definitely include where the information on the person.


      Traveling Through The Generations;

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