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14437Re:Proving or disproving death at child birth

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  • Joy Weaver
    Oct 13, 2010
      Since you are going back to 1794, your best chance is church records.
      If that cemetery is related to a specific church, you should start with
      that one, seeking both the burial record of that woman and baptism
      records for that period (and as much as a year or two later for the
      baptism). If the cemetery is not church-related or if no records for
      this name are found at the related church, you would then have to learn
      what churches existed in or near that town and seek their records.

      It sounds like you are thinking that your ancestor was born to this
      sister-in-law and adopted/ raised by relatives when she died? If so,
      there might also be guardianship records for that town.

      Joy Weaver
      Islip, NY

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