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  • tenmans38@aol.com
    Jul 11, 2010
      I saw something on ABC news a while back where you can
      now put something inside the headstone that retains info.
      It could be the voice of the loved one who died so that you
      could activate it and hear there voice again.Or you could
      have family history put on it.It could be coded so strangers
      could not come along and read it.With it imbedded in the
      Tombstone you could stand there with a handheld computer
      and download it to read your own family history.This seems
      more practical then writing the parents names on the outside.
      In other words you could leave your own pedigree there for
      future descendants to find.


      Posted by: "Peakcat@..."
      I think I might want to add something special before I passed out of this
      world on my own marker but as far as someone else such as family I would
      think that the relationship would be important before adding something
      on another marker even for family. Of course if it is husband, sibling, or
      parents than that is another story. For other family members I would think
      permission should be asked first.

      Ina Getzoff

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