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13984Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: ellis island ?

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  • Joseph
    Jun 2, 2010
      Does anyone have the website address for Ellis Island records?

      Joy, I knew Weaver's in Hagerstown, Maryland, and also here in Baxter
      County, Arkansas. One is one of our town's deputies.


      On 6/2/2010 7:28 AM, Joy Weaver wrote:
      > I see repeated here the idea that the clerks at Ellis Island changed
      > people's names.
      > No. The names you see on the manifests were written by ship's personnel
      > at the port of departure from lists of ticket purchasers. That's why
      > you will see names crossed out. Those are people who never boarded the
      > ship after buying the ticket. (Maybe they arrived at the port late due
      > to travel problems, etc.)
      > People changed their own names after arrival or before boarding, but
      > Ellis Island clerks had nothing to do with it. Perhaps some stuck with
      > the spelling on the manifest because it was easier or because they
      > didn't know how to read or write their own names. Let's not forget that
      > millions of immigrants were illiterate or at least illiterate in English.
      > That said, yes some of the misspellings were horrendous and even when
      > the spelling was ok, the handwriting of the ship's purser or whoever
      > wrote the lists was illegible to the people who transcribed them for the
      > Ellis Island website. My own favorite was a woman named Grunfeld who is
      > indexed as Ojrunfeld. If she hadn't been traveling with her
      > sister-in-law whose name I recognized, I'd never have found her.
      > Joy Weaver
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