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  • DABennink
    Jun 2, 2010
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      More likely than not, the name was misspelled on the ship's manifest and the Ellis Island clerks used that spelling, as they were instructed to do. It was possible to have the misspelling corrected if one was adamant enough and made the concerted effort.. I am old enough to have known plenty of relatives and friends who came through there and when there was a name change issue, that was the problem. I have absolutely never spoken to a soul who had their name changed against their will by a clerk at Ellis Island. I had extensive conversations with a group of my grandmother's relatives and friends who came over here in the 20's about this very topic. They WERE there.


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      My husband's grandparents all came through Ellis Island and their names were changed there..they, themselves, did not change them. The names were not totally changed, but had a letter eliminated or had the last two letters switched and it was done by the person who recorded it, NOT by the persons themselves. Oh, and they all spoke English well enough to have hurt feelings when this was done to their names, which all had meanings and they took pride in. Maybe you had to be there to know.

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