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13902Re: Post a Genealogy Brickwall!!

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  • tenmans38@aol.com
    May 10, 2010
      Thanks Stacey,
      I did email that website I had posted before for help and this was the

      ====If George Thompson is buried in Centenary it is an unmarked grave and
      in the Thompson plot area.

      ====I would have taken pics of all marked Thompson markers on that visit
      as one of my main NE Iowa lines is the Thompson's out of Harford.Co.MD. I
      was trying to find a connection to the NE Iowa and NE MO Thompson's for a
      long time so was/am always on the lookout for Thompson material. Plus the
      Thompson's were some of the very first white settlers in Pike and Ralls Co's.

      So as you can see I came up with nothing.:-(
      I have wondered if there might be a Library close by there that
      would have a record of his death. Maybe even as a newspaper
      listing.But its to far away for me to reach. Maybe if I could find
      someone there (even a Library) that would offer to help me.
      This means I would have to also hope that a Library close by
      would have a death listing (that a volunteer took the time to make)
      of people that died in the 1800's. My Library does for those years.
      The death listing would say something like this:George Thompson
      (after finding it listed under the T's for-or Thompson) died on month
      in 18?? and is posted in this local newspaper on that date.Then
      that person looking at a roll of newspaper (for that month and year)
      film would go to that dates listings.The obit should list a wife (if
      and all living siblings. Harrison (or Benjamin)would be a sibling and
      any others would be new info.Now if I could just find one volunteer
      that lived in that area to do all that for a weekend or two.What hope is
      there of that?Maybe if there was a genealogy group in that area?
      I will check out the link you posted maybe I could talk to someone
      else who knows something there.


      Posted by: "Stacey Olsen"
      One way you could request information about this cemetery is to go to
      and if you know that he was buried there, you can create a memorial and
      request a photo.

      Good Luck!
      Stacey Olsen

      On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 2:04 PM, <_tenmans38@..._
      (mailto:tenmans38@...) > wrote:

      > Ok I need some help.
      > I am looking for my Great great Grandpa George Thompson.
      > He was born in Kentucky in about 1820 (but I suspect it was
      > 10 or 11 years earlier).His wife's name unknown was from Ohio.
      > They had a son named Harrison B (Benjamin) Thompson born
      > Jan 22 1835 in Kentucky.The death certificates of some of Harrison
      > oldest children (including my grandpa) place them at Clarksville
      > Missouri when they were born. I have seen it listed on the Mormon
      > pedigree (which always has the births at least 10 to 11 years off
      > but gets most of the few deaths dates right)that George Thompson
      > was buried in centenary cem,Ralls Mo.
      > Early Sunday morning I located that cemetery web site (I am posting
      > it below) and found one of Harrison's sons and wife posted as well
      > as one of his Daughter's and her husband thru photographs posted.
      > I saw no listing of George Thompson but he should be there. Would
      > it be possible to ask them and maybe even get birth and death dates
      > of my grandpa who likely was born around 1809 or 1810?
      > Please check out the link below.
      > Mike
      > _Centernary Cem Ralls Co Missouri album | Iowaz iowaz @ swbell.net |
      > Fotki.com_
      (http://public.fotki.com/iowaz/ralls-county-missouri/centernary-cem-rall/) )

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