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  • Peggie C
    Apr 30, 2010
      ok, try it again. have a jonathan johnson born in 1800 tenn. jonathan marry a elizabeth morgan in 1819 n.c. elizabeth morgan was born in 1803 died in 1870. [have her family] . thay had a israel johnson.born in 1826 bond co ill, he marry a susan g garrison smith, born 1797 .i do know jonathan johnson had other children. jonathan was a travel peacher, form what church, dont know. i dont know when he die or where. israel johnson had a marlina johnson born 1861. she marry a william s free, who was son of simon free, simon was born in 1839 ohio . simon parents were samuel free born 1996 pa and a sussanah strong born 1811 tenn. ok that is some history. the ones i dont have is jonathan johnson, samuel free and susannah strong [marry in ohio]. i do know samueel was alive in 1860 when they were in crawford co ark. then they went back to ill. also simon marry a mary j burke [1842 tenn] in ark'. they all went back to ill. like i said i hAve all execpt jonathan johnson and samuel free and sussanah strong. hope i gave enought information. thanks peggie