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13658Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Patton, Col. James to Linda

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  • Karen Minnemeyer
    Apr 6, 2010
      Hello Linda:

      First I will apologize for taking so long to properly respond. Let me make a couple of points before going any further. Yes, I had an ancestor killed by the Shawnee near Draper's Meadow; however, I also have a small amount of Shawnee blood, so perhaps I look at things differently. It is important to remember that the Bargers and the Pattons had moved onto traditional Shawnee hunting ground and claimed it as their own. Then add the fact that the French were recruiting the Shawnee to fight the settlers with the promise that this land would be returned to them. And we have to remember the atrocities our soldiers applied to the Native American population regardless of gender or age as well.

      The entire event at Draper's Meadows has been written and rewritten so many times it is difficult to weed fact from fiction. I think you just read "Follow the River" by James Alexander Thom. He lives in Indiana. I have heard him speak on a couple of occasions, and have read all of his historical novels and know him to be a bit of a stickler for following fact when it is there to be found. Have you read "Memoirs of Letitia Preston Floyd" written in 1843? Again you have to remember that this was written over eighty years after the fact. This is how she described the death of Patton: "Col. Patton had sat down to his table to write. The Indian war-whoop was heard and some five or six of them surrounded the cabin to set it on fire. The Colonel always kept his sword on the table. He rushed to the door with it in his hand and encountered two of them (Patton was almost gigantic in size) he cut two of them down. In the meantime another warrior had
      leveled his gun, fired and killed the brave old pioneer."

      The connection between the PRESTONS, PATTONS and BARGERS: James Patton on his ship the Walpole in 1738 brought his immediate family and John Preston's sister Mary Preston to the states. Mary Preston married Philip Barger, grandson of the Philip Barger killed during the Draper's Meadows attack.

      If I remember correctly a William Preston later obtained the property of Draper's Meadows. Philip and Mary Barger returned later to reclaim the Barger property, later known as Barger's Fort. I'm sure you know this entire area is the property on which Virginia Tech is located.


      Karen E. Minnemeyer

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