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13496RE: [Genealogy Research Club] I'm stuck again with grandmother!

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  • olawrence1@comcast.net
    Mar 12 12:03 PM
      I had a similar situation. In my case, the first name of the father of the child baptized was recorded in the baptism’s record. It happened in your case too, but, I was able to confirm that the reason was that the mother only knew the first name of the father of the child and was not able to spell his last name. Basically, the child was baptized with her mother’s last name only. Later, the mother of this child married the guy and baptized the rest of the children born after the marriage using the father’s full name and never fixed the records on her older children’s baptized as a single mother. When there was time for this out of wedlock children to marry the children married using their know father’s name. Even though they all married in the same church they were baptized, once again, their baptism’s record were not updated. When these children started having children, they all got the names as they were supposed to, no problem at all.

      Now, before, the churches, not always, depended on the Priest, these baptisms were reported to the civil records for civil birth certificates (this was after 1895), in my family’s case, they were reported as they were baptized (no father’s name). My grandmother, one of these children, is registered in the civil records with an unknown father, and her marriage certificate, also in the civil records that was reported by the church, shows she has a father and a mother. Because since she got married she used her married name, she had no issues with her birth certificate, so she never changed it. Now, when we have to proof her identity, we use her marriage certificate and passport. No problems so far.

      Now, back to your case, you need to check on younger siblings of your grandma and think that the father of those young children might be the father of the oldest one. Also, try to check all those children baptized around your grandmother and few years earlier and later and look for those guys with the same first name and track their last names, one of those might be the father of your grandmother. Keep also in mind that “Stanley” would have also been the father’s last name and not the first name.

      When Margaret was living in Old Forge, where was Wanda living?


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      I have a similar problem, only the children were born out of wedlock. I can tell you one thing I know for certain. During that time in our history, the women who had children out of wedlock we shuned as were their children. They were outcasts in a lot of cases so the women lied to protect their children and themselves. I think that sometimes they even believed the lie.

      I am not saying that this is the case with you relatives, but it is a possibility.

      Not much help, but something to think about.


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      Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] I'm stuck again with grandmother!
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      You all have helped me so much. I first want to again say thank you.

      I need some advice on how I could possibly figure this out.

      My grandmother' s last name was Lubinski which seemed to be a mystery for the whole family. I do know she (Margaret Lubinski) was born May 1, 1927 and baptised May 15, 1927 in Passaic, NJ. Her baptism info lists her father as "Stanley" no last name. So we all assume her father's name was Stanley Lubinski. But none of my great grandmother' s family remembers her marrying anyone before she married a Peter Woch in 1937. So then we all thought maybe my grandmother was born out of wedlock. According to 1930 census she lived with her grandparents in Old Forge.

      BUT!!! here is why I am now further confused. An engagement announcement from 1941 states "Margaret Lubinski" (my grandmother) daughter of "Wanda Lubinski Woch"from Morris Run. Wanda's birth name was Zukoski, so therefore this tells me that maybe she was married previously. How could I check? This period falls between the 1920 census and 1930 census. I know this is confusing to explain. Does anyone have any ideas?


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