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13466Pieces of the Puzzle that is my grandfather!

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  • janes
    Mar 4, 2010
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      Good morning all. I'm normally a lurker but I thought maybe some fresh eyes could see things that I've become blind to in my search for my paternal grandfather. His name is George Buckner Mitchell. Here are the facts and family history,which could have been embroidered upon. We have been researching him for at least 10 years, there are no elders left in the family to interview so we're at a dead end.Grandma Mitchell stated on his death certificate that he was born in 1860, Giles County, TN. He died in Plano, Texas in the 30's. The 1900 Collin County census has him listed as a farmer. He further stated that both his parents were born in Tennessee.
      Now comes the oral history part. My cousin Darla is looking for him too, and she's heard the exact same story that daddy told us. I think that George's father fought in the civil war and we heard he died in battle. His mother remarried, to a drunken abuser. Grandpa supposedly snapped one day when his stepfather was beating his mother.h e took a fireplace poker and beat him to the point they thought he was dead. His mother packed him up and put him on the first wagon train to Texas he could find. This I think was the early to mid-1880's. He wound up in Plano, and met my grandmother Sallie Turner. They got married between 1885 and 1887. They had a big family, my dad being the youngest. No one knows anything at all about him other than that. There is a possibility that he changed his name to avoid the authorities. However, there is a chance that Buckner is a family name. We did find a tintype of him, and one supposedly of his grandmother.Written on the back of his grandmother's tintype were the words, "dad's grandmother Grant' in my dad's writing . We have also heard he may have heard a brother Patrick who moved to Kentucky and raised horses.
      Please share any thoughts or ideas you may have, we've arrived at an impasse here.
      Jane Mitchell Smith
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