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  • genealogynetworx
    Sep 13, 2009
      Uploaded a new file to the group, boxningsurnames.pdf - You can search for over 300 surnames that are being researched in the Genealogy Network NING.


      I have been having difficulty with a few of my Yahoo Groups, lately. My primary problem with Yahoo Groups has been the "Search group messages" feature that still does not work in MY Yahoo Group.

      I have found today that there were "Network transmission problems" when attempting to access other Yahoo Group files and databases - and in addition (b/c this post was intended for yesterday - today I am constantly having to re-login to Yahoo!)

      Has anyone else noticed this problem with Yahoo Groups? I sincerely hope that with the closure of Geocities that the closures do not extend to Yahoo Groups! Who knows? Yahoo Groups could be NEXT!

      I would suggest backing up all files in this group. If anyone is STILL looking for FREEWEBSPACE due to GeoCities deleting its free websites, feel free to contact me. I have maintained a list of FREE Websites for the past 6th months due to my own websites on Geocities necessitating a move. I will gladly email the list to you.

      Have a great weekend.
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