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12961Surnames: Zeininger,Sodan

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  • Pamela
    Jul 28, 2009
      Over the last year I have been doing some research on my husband and I's family history. My paternal grandparents were George Zeininger & Rena Sodan. I know the Zeininger's came here on the normania ship in 1867 I believe and that was my 4th great grandfather I believe. His name was Jacob Zeininger. I did get some info on this line but was trying to find any family still in Germany that may have old family history or pictures. My paternal grandmother was Rena Sodan & she is a huge mystery. =( I can't seem to find anything but that she listed on her marriage records that she was the daughter of Willis Sodan and Laura Brown in Livingston Manor Ny in 1913. Theres no info other then that and my father said she didnt really speak much of her past or family and i just find that strange. I did call the local town clerk and she said they have no record of her there at all so i dont know what to think of it. Any help?
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